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Public Notices For 2008
PN-87-08   SATURDAY WORKING AT JNCH IN IMPORT/EXPORT FROM 01.01.09 TO 31.03.09   19.12.2008  
PN-86-08   TIMINGS OF THE SERVICE CENTRE   05.12.2008  
PN-84-08   valuation of the imported second hand (old and used) machinery   03.12.2008  
PN-83-08   Appointment of Shri. Rajesh Sanan, appellate authority under RTI in the absence of Shri.Parag Borkar,Jt.   12.11.2008  
PN-82-08   Re-structuring of Centralized Refund Section at JNCH, Nhava Sheva   07.11.2008  
PN-81-08   Appointment of Shri. Parag Borkar,Jt.Commissioner as Appellate Authority under the RTI Act   04.11.2008  
PN-80-08   Procedure for refund or re-credit of DEPB in pursuance of Notification NO.102/2007   03.11.2008  
PN-79-08   Procedure for import of containers in case of one way lease   24.10.2008  
PN-78-08   Mandatory e-payment to top 50 importers   31.10.2008  
PN-77-08   Modification in procedure regarding registration of account for enabling payment of drawback   30.10.2008  
PN-76-08   Shri K.C. Kala, Asstt. Commissioner of Customs (CCO) is designated as Central Public Information Officer (CPIO),   22.10.2008  
PN-75-08   Commencement of Third Shift working (10 PM to 6 AM) of Customs at Nhava Sheva Port   17.10.2008  
PN-74-08   Clarification on refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs (4% CVD)   17.10.2008  
PN-73-08   Processing of manual Drawback Shipping bills under sec.74 and examination by the officers   14.10.2008  
PN-72-08   working on 11.10.08-Saturday in the jurisdiction of Import Commissionerate   06.10.2008  
PN-71-08   Shifting of a vessel to outer anchorage without port clearance   30.09.2008  
PN-70-08   MRP based CVD on radial or non radial tyres- reg.   29.09.2008  
PN-69-08   Amendment of Import General Manifest   26.09.2008  
PN-68-08   Facility of Manual Let Export Order for export consignments   23.09.2008  
PN-67-08   All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback   10.09.2008  
PN-66-08   Facility of Direct Port Delivery to select importers availing the Direct Port Delivery Facility for ACP Clients   11.09.2008  
PN-65-08   Movement of Factory Stuffed Containers   08.09.2008  
PN-64-08   International mobile Equipment Identity (lMEI) No   28.08.2008  
PN-63-08   Facility of Direct Port Delivery to select importers availing the Direct Port Delivery Facility for ACP Clients   01.09.2008  
PN-62-08   Additional instructions on scanning of containers passing through gateway port Nhava Sheva   28.08.2008  
PN-61-08   Payment of Drawback on retrospective basis in terms of Notfn.No.121/07   18.08.2008  
PN-60-08   Non availability of benefits under Advance Authorisation or DFIA Scheme   05.08.2008  
PN-59-08   Designation as CPIO within the Jurisdiction of Commissioner of Customs (Export)-JNCH   04.08.2008  
PN-58-08   Commencement of Double Shift System for Customs Examination work at Imports Docks   04.08.2008  
PN-57-08   Classification of Carpets and Floor covering having mixed composition in Drawback Schedule   30.07.2008  
PN-56-08   Designated as Appellate Authority within the jurisdiction of the
Commissioner of Customs(Export),JNCH
PN-55-08   revised examination procedure of Motor Vehicles at JNCH   11.07.2008  
PN-54-08   Export notified commodities-mandatory production of EIA certificate reg   11.07.2008  
PN-53-08   EDI data with regard to EGM error   14.07.2008  
PN-52-08   Factory stuffing Permisionon post verification basis   01.07.2008  
PN-51-08   Introduction of 2nd shift for processing of documents and granting
of LEO for Factory stuffed or self sealed export cargo
PN-50-08   Payment of Drawback in the Exporters Core Banking Enabled Bank
Account in Any Branch or Bank Anywhere in the Country
PN-49-08   Procedure for allowing direct entry to Port for self sealed
containers of export goods under Free Shipping Bills
PN-48-08   Re-structuring of Centralized Refund Cell at JNCH, Nhava Sheva   23.06.2008  
PN-47-08   Export General Manifest (EGM) C Error Correction   17.06.2008  
PN-46-08   Mandatory e-payment to top 50 importers   29.05.2008  
PN-43-08   Procedure for refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs in
pursuance of Notification No.102/2007-Customs dated 14.9.2007
PN-42-08   Shri P.N.Tiwari,Addl. designated as Appellate Authority   29.05.2008  
PN-41-08   Shri Rajesh Sanan, Addl. designated as Appellate Authority   16.05.2008  
PN-40-08   Procedure for refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs in pursuance of Notification No.102/2007-Customs dated 14.9.2007   13.05.2008  
PN-39-08   Centralization of processing of exports of factory Stuffed Containers   02.05.2008  
PN-38-08   Intellectual Property Rights IPRs Regime Boards Circular No 41 2007 Customs
dt 29 10 2007 operational guidelines and instructions
PN-36-08   Clarification reg. Movement of Self- Sealed Containers   02.04.2008  
PN-35-08   Status of OF IGM DETAILS   26.03.2008  
PN-34-08   Granting of Port Clearance on Saturday,sunday   25.03.2008  
PN-33-08   Centralization of processing of exports of factory Stuffed Containers-   28.03.2008  
PN-32-08   Export CFSs will be functioning on Sunday 30.03.2008   28.03.2008  
PN-31-08   Procedure for EPayment of Customs Duties under the Indian Customs EDI system (ICES) Imports   25.03.2008  
PN-30-08   Procedure for EPayment of Customs Duties under the Indian Customs EDI system (ICES) Imports   20.03.2008  
PN-28-08   ON 20.03.2008 gazetted holiday on account of Id E Milad declared as WORKING day.   18.03.2008  
PN-27-08   Processing of Export documents on Sunday and Holiday   17.03.2008  
PN-26-08   CUSTOM HOUSE WILL BE WORKING ON SUNDAYS TILL 30.03.2008   17.03.2008  
PN-25-08   Procedure to be followed in case of EPCG scheme   12.03.2008  
PN-24-08   Commencement of Double Shift System for Customs Examination Work at Import Docks (CFSs)   12.03.2008  
PN-23-08   Presentation of Union Budget for the Financial Year 2008-09   28.02.2008  
PN-21-08   Procedure for Movement of Import Cargo in Containers from the Port to a CFS   26.02.2008  
PN-20-08   Centralization of processing of exports of factory Stuffed Containers   26.02.2008  
PN-19-08   Port Clearance will granted by AC/DC of Customs Prev.(G)   22.02.2008  
PN-18-08   Availability of Joint Commissioner of Customs in Import Docks   19.02.2008  
PN-17-08   Importability of Restricted Goods under the Served from India Scheme (SFIS) and other Schemes under Chapter 3 of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP)   11.02.2008  
PN-16-08   Classification of carpets and floor coverings having mixed composition in the Drawback Schedule   11.02.2008  
PN-15-08   Taking of Bank Guarantees (BG) in cases of Notifications pertaining to conditional re-exportation export promotion schemes   06.02.2008  
PN-14-08   Amendment of Import General Manifest   04.02.2008  
PN-13-08   Procedure to be followed for containers marked for scanning   04.02.2008  
PN-12-08   Settlement of long pending drawback claims owing to non submission of replies to the
queries by the exporters- forwarding of queries to exporters Associations for circulation to
their members
PN-11-08   Holiday posting of Officers   23.01.2008  
PN-10-08   Status of DEPB Shipping bills transmission to DGFT/DRAWBACK Shipping Bills   18.01.2008  
PN-09-08   Levy of Light-dues under the Lighthouse Act-1927   16.01.2008  
PN-08-08   Imports made against DEPB licences issued with endorsement of Notfn. No. 34/97-Cus dated 7.4.1997- exemption from special additional duty-
Clarification- clarification issued vide Circular NO. 36/2007-Cus., dated03.10.2007
PN-07-08   Ban on smoking in JNCH premises   11.01.2008  
PN-06-08   Public Holiday List for the calender year 2008   11.01.2007  
PN-05-08   Drawback Schedule, 2007-08 – increase in drawback rates with retrospective effect from 1.4.2007 – exemption from filing supplementary claims   02.01.2008  
PN-04-08   Re-designation of Appellate Authority and CPIO under Export Commissionerate   03.01.2008  
PN-03-08   Commencement of Double Shift System for Customs Examination Work at Import Docks (CFSs)   02.01.2008  
PN-02-08   Submission of Replies/ documents    02.01.2008  
PN-01-08   Facility of Manual Out of Charge of import consignments   02.01.2008  
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