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Public Notice 2019
PN-01-19 Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG-reg 01-Jan-19
PN-02-19 PGA Exception: Details are required to be fed correctly as mentioned in this “SWIFT Referencer” 02-Jan-19
PN-03-19 To reduce delay in clearances of “re-imported goods” 02-Jan-19
PN-04-19 Operationalization of Drive Through Scanner 04-Jan-19
PN-05-19 Pendency of various authorizations of Export Promotion Schemes(Advance/EPCG/DFIA/EOU) in EP Schemes Management & Monitoring Cell at JNCH 09-Jan-19
PN-06-19 SAD Refund drive from 16th january 2019 to 31st January 2019 15-Jan-19
PN-07-19 Implementation of eSANCHIT in Exports on mandatory basis reg 16-Jan-19
PN-08-19 Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG-reg 28-Jan-19
PN-09-19 Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG-reg 01-Feb-19
PN-10-19 Procedure for clearance of Export LCL Cargo categorized as Hazardous Goods 01-Feb-19
PN-11-19 IGST Export Refunds–resolution of errors 05-Feb-19
PN-12-19 Non functioning of Mobile scanner at Port Terminal; Revised Procedure for scanning of DPD-DPD mode containers 06-Feb-19
PN-13-19 Standard Operating Procedure consequent to commencement of “Document Processing Area” in the Parking Plaza and Gate Automation for Export & Import through NSICT/NSIGT, GTI & JNPCT 06-Feb-19
PN-14-19 Mandatory declaration of standard UQC(Unique Quantity code) in bill of entry 14-Feb-19
PN-15-19 Extension of facility of Direct Port Delivery to AEO importers at JNCH Regarding. 14-Feb-19
PN-16-19 Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG-reg 18-Feb-19
PN-17-19 Late fee charge regarding 19-Feb-19
PN-18-19 Appointment of CPIO 26-Feb-19
PN-19-19 Procedure for disposal of un-claimed/un-cleared cargo under section 48 of the Customs Act, 1962, lying with the custodians 25-Feb-19
PN-20-19 Forwarding of samples for testing to the Outside Laboratories 27-Feb-19
PN-21-19 Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG 28-Feb-19
PN-22-19 Working of Sections and all Groups on all Saturdays in the month of March, 2019 28-Feb-19
PN-23-19 Entity Registration and Approval under new Sea Manifest Regulations 01-Mar-19
PN-24-19 PUBLIC NOTICE NO: 24 /2018-19 06-Mar-19
PN-25-19 PUBLIC NOTICE NO: 25 /2018-19 08-Mar-19
PN-26-19 Introduction of online facility for scanning selection status of containers 14-Mar-19
PN-27-19 The Deferred Payment of Import Duty (Amendment) Rules, 2017 15-Mar-19
PN-28-19 Standard operating procedure consequent to commencement of “document Processing Area” in the parking plaza and gate automation for export & import trrough NSICT/NSIGT, GTI & JNPCT 20-Mar-19
PN-29-19 Public Notice No. 29/2019 22-Mar-19
PN-30-19 Recent initiatives of DPD / RMS Facilitation Centre for trade facilitation 27-Mar-19
PN-31-19 Working of all Sections, Groups and Docks on 30.03.2019 and 31.03.2019 29-Mar-19
PN-32-19 PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 32 /2019 Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG 01-Aprl-19
PN-33-19 Turant Customs - Automated queuing of Bills of Entry for ‘Out of Charge 22-Aprl-19
PN-34-19 PUBLIC NOTICE NO: 34/2019-20 22-Aprl-19
PN-35-19 Clarifications on refund related issues under GST 23-Aprl-19
PN-36-19 Guidelines on reply to query regarding producing / debiting of original document 23-Aprl-19
PN-37-19 Examination of e-Scaled factory stuffed export cargo on sundays & holidays 26-Aprl-19
PN-38-19 Forwarding of samples for testing to the Outside Laboratories 30-Aprl-19
PN-39-19 Routing of self-sealed export containers through CFSs under the jurisdiction of JNCH 30-Aprl-19
PN-40-19 Cancellation of LUT Bond/BG 03-May-19
PN-41-19 Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG. 13-May-19
PN-42-19 Examination and Assessment of RMS facilitated Bill of Entry 14-May-19
PN-43-19 Introduction of online complaints module for AEO and DPD clients 15-May-19
PN-44-19 Introduction of facility of examination of DPD containers at port terminal 16-May-19
PN-45-19 Entity Registration and Approval under New Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations (SCMTR),2018 through ICEGATE WEB PORTAL 17-May-19
PN-46-19 Cancellation of LUT BOND 17-May-19
PN-47-19 Practise of assessment of Petroleum products of Chapter 27- review thereof reg. 23-May-19
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