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Public Notices For 2007
PN-61-07   Mail Based Procedure for Monitoring of Import Containers
from the Port to a CFS
PN-60-07   For designation of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and Appellate Authority is being issued separately.   20.12.2007  
PN-59-07   Declaration of proper UQC in the EDI System at the time of filing of Bill of entry   18.12.2007  
PN-58-07   Submission of Replies/ documents   14.12.2007  
PN-57-07   The Daily Maintenance Register (DMR) shall be discontinued at all the
Container Freight Stations under the jurisdiction of Jawaharlal Nehru
Custom House, Nhava Sheva.
PN-56-07   Intellectual Property Rights IPRs regime Boards Circular No
41, 2007 Customs, dated 29.10.2007 National IPR database and web enabled
applications operational guidelines and instructions
PN-54-07   Submission of requisite documents at the time of export Examination   06.12.2007  
PN-52-07   Re-designation of officers of the rank of DC or AC of Customs as CPIOs
and ADC or Jt.Commr. of Customs as Appellate Authority in terms of Sub section (1) of Section 5
of the RTI Act, 2005
PN-51-07   All Assessment Groups or Docks,Import Noting, Bond,EDI, Cash Section
of the Custom House will be working on all Saturdays, except Gazetted Holidays w.e.f. 01.12.2007 untill 31.03.2008
PN-50-07   Responsibility to inform Imporer reg. cotainer marked for scanning not having been
scanned and getting all such containers examined 100percent by Customs Dock Staff lies with the CFS alone
PN-49-07   Re-designation of officers as Appellate Authority in terms of Sub Section (1) of
Section 5 of the Right to Information Act,2005,
PN-48-07   Providing facility of granting LEO to all the factory stuffed containers on Sundays and Holidays   22.11.2007  
PN-47-07   Facility of part delivery of import consignments   08.11.2007  
PN-46-07   Acceptance of Central Excise Certificate under Para 3 1e of the CBEC Circular no 58-2004-Cus dated 21-10-2004   02.11.2007  
PN-45-07   Addition at the end of paragraph 2 Notification No 38 (RE-2007) 2004-2009 dated 15.10.2007   02.11.2007  
PN-43-07   Designating Shri M.Mathew Jolly ADC as CPIO under RTI Act 2005 for matter pertaining to CCO   12.10.2007  
PN-42-07   Customs Valuation (Determination of value of imported goods) Rules, 2007- Instructions-reg   11.10.2007  
PN-41-07   Customs valuation (Determination of Value of Export Goods) Rules, 2007- Instructions -reg   10.10.2007  
PN-40-07   Status of DEPB shipping Bills transmission to DGFT reg   11.10.2007  
PN-39-07   Payment of Custom Duty Refunds   03.10.2007  
PN-38-07   Classification of Boric acid and separate chemically defined compounds
for the purpose of Customs and Central Excise -reg.
PN-37-07   Right to Information Act, 2005 the following officers have been
designated as Central Public Information Officers (CPIOs) and
Central Asst Public Information Officers (CAPIOs)-reg.
PN-36-07   Applicable date for calculating the interest on excess imports under para 4 28 of the Handbook of Procedures
Vol I
PN-35-07   Launching of fee based value added services on the website of Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House Nhava Sheva   21.08.2007  
PN-34-07   Procedure of transmission of Shipping bills to DGFT and treatment of acknowledgements received from DGFT   20.08.2007  
PN-33-07   Procedure for EPayment of Customs Duties under the Indian Customs EDI system ICES Imports   31.07.2007  
PN-32-07   All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback -reg   18.07.2007  
PN-30-07   Designation of Shri P.N. Saleem, Commissioner of Customs(Export)Air Cargo Complex as Central Public Information Officer-reg   03.07.2007  
PN-29-07   Dispense with practice for recovery of revenue deposit of Rs. 3000/- u/s. 42 of the Customs Act, 1962.-reg   26.06.2007  
PN-28-07   Designation of Shri S.A. Usmani Joint Commissioner of Customs as Central Public Information Officer in terms of Sub Section (1) of Section 5 of Right to information Act,2005   19.06.2007  
PN-27-07   Levy of Merchant overtime fees(MOT) for rendering services by the Customs Officers beyond the normal working hours or at a place beyond the customs Area   14.06.2007  
PN-26-07   Verification of genuineness of Shipping Bills and Bills of Entry received from various departments   07.06.2007  
PN-25-07   Import and clearance of Live Stock product.-reg.   11.06.2007  
PN-24-07   Regarding Right to Information Act 2005 Implementation thereof   25.05.2007  
PN-23-07   Facility Notice posting of Appraiser and Supdt.In DEPB (RMS) Debit Cell   25.05.2007  
PN-22-07   Scope and coverage of goods imported under Target Plus Scheme clarification   23.05.2007  
PN-21-07   Creation of DEPB RMS debit cell in the Import Commissionerate.   18.05.2007  
PN-20-07   Implementation of Risk Management System (RMS) for DEPB Clearance   18.05.2007  
PN-19-07   Centralisation of the processing of request applications for permission of stuffing of export containers at the factory premises private bonded warehouses regarding. reg   30.04.2007  
PN-18-07   ICES HELP DESK to sort out the problems related to processing of documents under EDI System   24.04.2007  
PN-17-07   Administrative control over Export Oriental Units which are large tax payer-reg.   24.04.2007  
PN-16-07   International Transhipment if LCL Containers at Nhava Sheva Port-reg.   24.04.2007  
PN-13-07   Procedure for execution of SVB bond   27.03.2007  
PN-12-07   Dispense with practice for recovery of revenue deposit of Rs. 3000 u/s. 42 of the Customs Act, 1962   22.03.2007  
PN-10-07   following amendments / corrigendum is hereby ordered in the said Public Notice 09/2007   13.03.2007  
PN-09-07   verification of DEPBs   06.03.2007  
PN-08-07   Creation of Drawback HelpDesk   20.02.2007  
PN-07-07   Presentation of Union Budget for the Financial Year 2007-08   27.02.2007  
PN-06-07   Implementation of Special Economic Zone Act, 2005 and Special Economic Zone Rules, 2006   20.02.2007  
PN-05-07   Customs Movement of export containers on self sealing basis to Nhava Sheva Port Procedure prescribed   15.02.2007  
PN-04-07   Prescribing norms for granting permission for factory or warehouse stuffing of export goods and procedure thereof   00.02.2007  
PN-03-07   Testing of samples in case of goods for which benefit of Dbk sub. sl. No. 732301 is claimed   09.02.2007  
PN-01-07   Execution of Bank Guarantee at 15% of duty saved amount by Other Manufacturer Exporters under EPCG scheme   02.01.2007  
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