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TRS 2023

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सार्वजनिक सूचना २०२२


PN-72-2022 Subject: Requirenent of health Certificate accompanied with the import of food consignments-reg 06- Dec-2022
PN-71-2022 Subject:Restricted entry of food items in under specific ports-Reg 01- Dec-2022
PN-70-2022 Subject:Public Notice 70-2022-Reg 01- Dec-2022
PN-69-2022 Subject:Changes introduced in the Service Centre at the EDI site of Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House-Reg 15-Nov-2022
PN-68-2022 Subject:Capturing aditional details for Certificate of Origin(COO) as per Customs(Administration of Rules of Origin under Trade Agreements)Rule,2020 in Bill of Entry-Reg.-Reg 15-Nov-2022
PN-67-2022 Subject:Cancellation of LUT Bond/BG -Reg 15-Nov-2022
PN-66-2022 Subject:Cancellation of LUT Bond/BG -Reg 15-Nov-2022
PN-65-2022 Subject:PUBLIC NOTICE 65-2022 -Reg 10-Nov-2022
PN-64-2022 Subject:GST Refund pending due to errors (SB000, SB001, ..SB005 etc) as on 31/08/2022 etc,-Regarding (Annexure A of PN 64) (Annexure A of PN 63) 21-Oct-2022
PN-63-2022 Subject:Subiect: Shipping Bill pending for query reply -Reg(Annexure A of PN 63) 21-Oct-2022
PN-62-2022 Subject:Cancellation of LUT Bond/BG -Reg 14-Oct-2022
PN-61-2022 Subject:Public Notice 61-2022.reg. 13-Oct-2022
PN-60-2022 Subject:Public Notice 60-2022.reg. 06-Oct-2022
PN-59-2022 Standard operating procedure consequent to commencement of "Document Processing Area" in the central parking plaza and gate automation for export-creation of Buffer Yard in CPP-reg. 06-Oct-2022
PN-58-2022 Subject:Anonymised Escalation Mechanism under Faceless Assessment- reg.. 15-Sep-2022
PN-57-2022 Subject: Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG-reg. 15-Sep-2022
PN-56-2022 Subject: Appointment of Central Public information officer (CPIO) within the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Customs NS-I,III & V,JNCH-reg. 06-Sep-2022
PN-55-2022 Subject: Cancellation of LUT Bond/BG -Regarding. 02-Sep-2022
PN-54-2022 Subject: Faceless Assessment - Creation of facilitation Helpdesk - reg. 23-Aug-2022
PN-53-2022 Subject: Streamlining the procedure of processing of Drawback claims under section 74 of the Customs Act, 1962-Regarding. 17-Aug-2022
PN-52-2022 Subject:Working of all Docks(NS-I,III & V) in JNCH on 13.08.2022-reg 12-Aug-2022
PN-51-2022 Subject:Public Notice 51-2022.reg. 05-Aug-2022
PN-50-2022 Subject:Public Notice 50-2022.reg. 02-Aug-2022
PN-49-2022 Subject: Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme Appointment of Client Relationship Manager (CRM)within the Jurisdiction of Chief Commissioner of customs,Mumbai-ll.reg. 22-July-2022
PN-47-2022 Subject: Public Notice 47-2022 08-July-2022
PN-45-2022 Subject: Public Notice 45-2022 14-July-2022
PN-44-2022 Subject:Public Notice 44-2022-reg 14-July-2022
PN-43-2022 Subject:Public Notice 43-2022- reg 12-July-2022
PN-42-2022 Subject: Cancellation of LUT Bond/BG – reg 12-July-2022
PN-41-2022 Subject: Improvements in Faceless Assessment in NAC 5 (Mechanical Machineries of Chapter 84), Measures for streamlining process and expediting Customs clearances reg 06-July-2022
PN-40-2022 Withdrawal of Public Notice No-92/2021 regarding Utilisation of MEIS scrip for import in absence of mandatory recording of transfer details facility on DGFT Website-reg 04-July-2022
PN-39-2022 Public Notice 39-2022-reg 04-July-2022
PN-38-2022 Public Notice 38-2022-reg 30-June-2022
PN-37-2022 Public Notice 37-2022-reg 30-June-2022
PN-36-2022 Sub: Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG-reg. 29-June-2022
PN-35-2022 General Waiver of penalty for late filing of Bill of Entry due to the ICES being for DR Drill and Maintenance -reg 26-June-2022
PN-34-2022 Practice of assessment of goods under Chapter 25 and Chapter 26-review thereof. 17-June-2022
PN-33-2022 Changes in the system with AD Code registration in EDI (Centralised)Section,JNCH-Reg 21-June-2022
PN-32-2022 Public Notice 32-2022 14-June-2022
PN-31-2022 Sub:Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG-reg. 10-June-2022
PN-30-2022 Sub:Renewal of permission of M/s SBW Logistics Pvt Ltd. as a Custodian and Customs Cargo Service Provider(CCSP)-reg. 10-June-2022
PN-29-2022 Sub:Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG-reg. 09-June-2022
PN-28-2022 Sub:Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG-reg. 06-June-2022
PN-27-2022 Sub: Public Notice No.27/2022. 06-June-2022
PN-26-2022 Sub: Public Notice No.26/2022. 02-June-2022
PN-25-2022 Sub: Public Notice No.25/2022. 6-May-2022
PN-24-2022 Subject:- Changes introduced vide Finance Act 2022 in the Customs Tariff w.e.f. 01.05.2022– Reg. 5-May-2022
PN-23-2022 Sub: Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG-reg. 25-April-2022
PN-22-2022 Sub: Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG-reg. 21-March-2022
PN-20-2022 Sub:- Monitoring of relization of export proceeds for shipping bills for which drawback has been claimed and disbursed-regd. Reg (---BRC-14-15--) (---BRC-15-16--)(---BRC-16-17--)(---BRC-17-18--) 25-March-2022
PN-19-2022 Sub:- Commencement of Examination facility at CPP for Direct Port Entry for factorysealed/self-sealed export containers in Customs Mumbai Zone -II reg. Reg 24-March-2022
PN-18-2022 Sub:- Revamped “Tax Payer Service Centre” at JNCH, Mumbai Customs Zone – II – Reg 17-March-2022
PN-17-2022 Sub:- Cancellation of LUT Bond/BG – reg 16-March-2022
PN-16-2022 Sub:- Renewal of ccSP custodianship of M/s. EFC Logistics (T) Pvt. Ltd. for 10 years regarding-reg 10-March-2022
PN-15-2022 Sub:- Intimation of Gov mail id of boarding Office,JNCH-reg 10-March-2022
PN-14-2022 Sub: Cancellation of LUT BOND/BG-reg. 08-March-2022
PN-13-2022 Subject:Implementation of automation in the Customs (Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty) Rules, 2017 with effect from 01.03.2022- reg. 02-March-2022
PN-12-2022 Subject:Public Notice 12-2022 18-Feb-2022
PN-11-2022 Subject:Cancellation of LUT Bond/BG – reg 15-Feb-2022
PN-10-2022 Subject: Sub: Expeditious clearance of exports.-reg 07-Feb-2022
PN-09-2022 Subject: Sub: Waiver of Late fees on account of system down for Budget Update– Reg.-reg 04-Feb-2022
PN-08-2022 Subject: Sub: Practice and assessment of petroleum products under chapter-27 review thereof-reg 31-January-2022
PN-07-2022 Subject: Public Notice 07-2022-reg. 25-January-2022
PN-06-2022 Subject: Setting up of Central Receipt Unit (CRU) at central location, and CRU Email address for each Commissionerate of Mumbai Customs Zone-II – reg. 25-January-2022
PN-03-2022 PUBLIC NOTICE 03-2022-reg. 20-January-2022
PN-02-2022 Cancellation of LTU Bond/BG- reg-reg. 17-January-2022
PN-01-2022 Cancellation of LTU Bond/BG- reg-reg. 13-January-2022