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Standing Order for 2017
SO-037-17 Drawing of samples for the purpose of grant of drawback (Circular 47/2017-Customs dated 27.11.2017 –reg. 10-Nov-2017
SO-036-17 Subject: - Rationalization of procedures in handling exporters obligations under EPCG authorizations-Reg. 10-Nov-2017
SO-035-17 Sub: Guidelines for Valuation of Acrylic Polymers, Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) (PMMA/MMA) & Acrylic Sheet, etc. – reg. 02-Nov-2017
SO-034-17 STANDING ORDER No. 34/2017 02-Nov-2017
SO-033-17 Clarification regarding legislative changes relating to Customs Act, 1962 proposed in the Finance Bill, 2017 vide Board Circular No. 12/2017- Customs (F.No. 50/10/ 2017- Cus. IV), dated 31.03.2017 – Reg. 09-Oct-2017
SO-032-17 Standard Operating procedure for Processing of Bonds and Bank Guarantees in BBM-regarding 06-Oct-2017
SO-030-17 Sub: Linkage between CSM application and B.E. module of ICES- reg. 06-Sep-2017
SO-029-17 Sub:Waiver of late charges due to delay in presentation of bills of entry due to any system issues, under second proviso to sub-section (3) of Section 46 of the Customs Act, 1962. 01-Sep-2017
SO-028-17 Sub: Guidelines for provisional release of seized imported goods pending adjudication under Section 110A of the Customs Act, 1962-reg 24-Aug-2017
SO-027-17 Sub: Report feeding by the docks officer at the time of granting LEO of shipping bill in case of claiming drawback by exporter in the GST scenario. – reg. 17-Aug-2017
SO-026-17 Subject: Pendency position of Bills of Entry for more than 24 hours – Reporting & Monitoring – reg. 11-Aug-2017
SO-025-17 Sub:-Procedure for drawing of samples of Zink Ash/ Skimming in powder & lump form (metallic portion)classifiable under tariff heading 2620-reg. 01-Aug-2017
SO-024-17 STANDING ORDER NO. 24 /2017 . 20-July-2017
SO-023-17 Subject :- Processing of BEs stuck in ICES during roll out of GST in Customs-reg. 13-July-2017
SO-022-17 Sub:-Procedure for clearance of cosmetic products – Reg. 11-July-2017
SO-021-17 Subject :- Processing of BEs stuck in ICES during roll out of GST in Customs-reg. 10-July-2017
SO-020-17 Sub:- Working of all Docks on 08.07.2017 (Saturday) -reg. 07-July-2017
SO-019-17 Sub: Procedure for drawing of samples and testing during Export- Reg. 05-July-2017
SO-018-17 Sub:- Special Procedure for promptly clearing the Imports Cargo in wake of roll out of GST w.e.f 01st July, 2017. 06-July-2017
SO-017-17 Subject :- Clarification regarding legislative changes relating to Customs Act, 1962 proposed in the Finance Bill, 2017 vide Board Circular No. 12/2017- Customs (F. No. 50/10/ 2017- Cus IV), dated 31.03.2017 – Reg. 03-July-2017
SO-016-17 Subject: Manual filing and processing of bills of entry – regarding. 14-June-2017
SO-015-17 Sub:-Procedure to be followed for early disposal of complex issues requiring advice/ guidelines/ order from higher authorities – Reg. 30-May-2017
SO-014-17 Levy of Fees (Customs Documents) Amendment Regulations, 2017. 25-May-2017
SO-013-17 Sub:Constitution of Centralised Export Assessment Cell in JNCH, Mumbai Zone-II; reg 22-May-2017
SO-012-17 Sub:-Procedure to be followed in respect of objections raised in the DPD/RMS facilitation centre – Reg. 16-May-2017
SO-011-17 Sub: – Partial modification in procedure of examination of waste paper consignments- Reg.(—Attachment for SO No 011 of 2017-) 16-May-2017
SO-010-17 Subject: Request for discontinuation of High Seas Sale Registration Procedure at Import Noting Section of JNCH – Reg 03-May-2017
SO-009-17 Subject: To ensure that sesame seed exports to European Union is not permitted unless accompanied by desired “Certificate of Export”- Reg. 19-Mar-2017
SO-008-17 Sub:-Customs Clearance on the basis of self-certified Copies of PTA/FTA certificates in case of DPP/AEO Clients – Reg. 09-Mar-2017
SO-007-17 Subject: Export of Carpets, Procedure for drawing of samples for market enquiry- regarding. 07-Mar-2017
SO-006-17 Sub: Dispensing with the routine practice of doing First Check Basis Assessment – reg. 22-Feb-2017
SO-005-17 Sub: Dispensing with the routine test reports when declared CTH attracts highest rate of duty prescribed – reg. 22-Feb-2017
SO-004-17 Sub:- Partial modification in the Standing Order No.79/2016 JNCH dated 26.12.2016 on the subject of ‘Delay of more than 20 days in presentation of Bill of Entry along with all requisite documents for assessment, registration, examination or out of charge’ – Reg. 02-Feb-2017
SO-003-17 Sub: OOC procedure and norms of scanning & examination for RMS facilitated Containers: Instructions for follow up action where examination reveals misdeclaration, etc. 20-Jan-2017
SO-002-17 Sub: – Compliance of Public Notice No 08/2017, dated 16.01.2017 about DPD facility -Reg. 20-Jan-2017
SO-001-17 STANDING ORDER NO:- 01/2017 13-Jan-2017
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Latest Updates from RMS Facilitation Centre

  • Status at 14.45 13-April-2021

  • All Bills of Entry registered upto 14.45 13-April-2021 of AEO Importers have been attended.

  • All Bills of Entry registered up to 09.06 13-April-2021 of non-AEO Importers have been attended.