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Standing Orders for 2016
SO-79-16 Sub:- Delay of more than 20 days in presentation of Bill of Entry along with all requisite documents for assessment, registration, examination or out of charge – Reg. 26-December-2016
SO-78-16 Subject: Verification of BG/Certificate on e-mail instead of Fax 14-December-2016
SO-77-16 Sub: – Standard Operating Procedure consequent to commencement of “Document Processing Area” in the Parking Plaza and Gate Automation for Export & Import through NSICT / NSIGT, GTI & JNPCT; reg. 05-December-2016
SO-76-16 Sub: – Standard Operating Procedure consequent to commencement of “Document Processing Area” in the Parking Plaza and Gate Automation for Export & Import through NSICT / NSIGT, GTI & JNPCT; reg. 01-December-2016
SO-75-16 Subject: Procedure of Refund, Demand, Adjudication, Review and Appeal of Units located / registered in SEZ’s within the Jurisdiction of JNCH consequent to Notification No 772(E) dated 05.08.2016 (F. No 6/40/2012-SEZ) – regarding. 30-November-2016
SO-74-16 Subject:-Reporting Mechanism on Detection of Mis-declaration, Evasion of Duty or Other Frauds at Docks-Reg. 30-November-2016
SO-73-16 Sub: -Creation of DPD/RMS Facilitation Centre at JNCH -Reg 29-November-2016
SO-72-16 SUB : Renewal of Self Sealing and Self Certification Permission to the Exporters upto 31 December, 2020 – 28-November-2016
SO-71-16 Sub: – To improve the efficiency and streamline the Boarding Procedure – reg. 25-November-2016
SO-70-16 Subject: Rationalization of procedures in handling exporters obligations under EPCG authorizations -reg. 25-November-2016
SO-69-16 Subject: Dispensing off the requirement of Mate Receipt – Regarding. 22-November-2016
SO-68-16 STANDING ORDER NO: 68/2016 18-November-2016
SO-67-16 Sub: -Documents/ Goods registration timings for Customs Examination Work at Import Docks, JNCH – Maintaining of punctualities -Reg. 15-November-2016
SO-66-16 Subject: Pendency position of Bills of Entry for more than 24 hours – Reporting & Monitoring – reg 15-November-2016
SO-65-16 Sub: Examination & Assessment of RMS facilitated Bill of Entry – Reg. 15-November-2016
SO-64-16 Sub: – Clearance of import of metal scrap-Procedure -regarding 09-November-2016
SO-63-16 Sub: Implementation of Rebate of State Levies (ROSL) Scheme. 26-October-2016
SO-62-16 Sub: – Giving Out of Charge of goods under import without Delivery Order– reg. 20-October-2016
SO-61-16 Sub: – Testing of Sample at DYCC Lab – reg. 17-October-2016
SO-60-16 Sub: – Guidelines for launching of prosecution in relation to offences punishable under the Customs Act, 1962 – Reg. 14-October-2016
SO-59-16 Subject: Clarification / Modification in Public Notice No. 36/2014 dated 10th October 2014, as amended vide Public Notice No. 38/2014, dated 16.10.2014, 02/2015 dated 08.01.2015, and 17/2015 dated 25.02.2015. 13-October-2016
SO-58-16 Subject: Issue of Less charge notices and need to issue proper Demand cum Show Cause Notices consequent to detection of any case of short payment / non payment of duty. 13-October-2016
SO-57-16 Sub.:- Registration of Show Cause Notices at Centralized Adjudication Cell (CAC), JNCH – Reg. 13-October-2016
SO-56-16 Subject: Incorrect simultaneous issuances of dual benefit of Zero duty EPCG and SHIS to exporters under the FTP 2009-14 –option providing flexibility to return either benefit. 04-October-2016
SO-55-16 Subject: Implementation of the Hazardous and Other Wastes (management and Transboundary movement) Rules, 2016 – reg. 04-October-2016
SO-54-16 Subject: Discontinuation of practice of making manual debits on physical copy of Advance Authorizations registered at EDI Customs port-reg. 04-October-2016
SO-53-16 Giving Out of Charge/Assessment for the Bill of Entry filed 03.10.2016 in EDI System – reg. 04-October-2016
SO-52-16 - Instructions regarding implementation of Rules of Origin under Free/Preferential Trade Agreements and the verification of referential Certificates of Origin- reg. 26-sep-2016
SO-51-16 Removal of mandatory warehousing requirements for EOUs, STPIs, EHTPs etc. – by virtue of amending notification No. 44/2016- Cus dated 29.07.2016 in Notification No. 52/2003-Customs dated 31.03.2003. -sep-2016
SO-50-16 Guidelines regarding Provisional Assessment under Section 18 of the Customs Act, 1962. 06-sep-2016
SO-49-16 Guidelines on safety and security of premises where imported or export goods are loaded, unloaded, handled or stored-reg. 31-August-2016
SO-48-16 Extension of benefit of Notification No. 24/2005 dated 01.03.2005 (Sr.No.3) {as amended by notification No. 132/2006-Customs dated 30.12.2006 (Sr. No. 15} to Micro/Mini SD Cards – Regarding. 29-August-2016
SO-47-16 Removal of mandatory warehousing requirements for EOUs, STPIs, EHTPs etc. – Amendment to Notification 52/2003- Customs dated 31.03.2003. 19-August-2016
SO-46-16 Assessment of Bulk Liquid Cargo – Regarding 17-August-2016
SO-45-16 Review of entity based facilitation programmes viz. Accredited Client
Programme (ACP) and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)programme — Revised Guidelines
SO-44-16 Valuation of Plastic items for Assessment of Custom Duty-reg. 8-July-2016
CORRIGENDUM TO SO No.42/2016 Corrigendum to the Standing Order No.42/2016 dated 03.06.2016; Testing of imported Textile/Textile Articles for its composition and Hazardous Dyes – reg. 13-June-2016
SO-43-16 Procedure for adjudication of Show Cause Notices subsequent to constitution of Centralized Adjudication Cell at JNCH – Reg. 3-June-2016
SO-42-16 Testing of imported Textile/Textile Articles for its composition and Hazardous Dyes – reg. 3-June-2016
SO-41-16 STANDING ORDER NO. 41/2016 31-MAY-2016
SO-40-16 Dispute Resolution mechanism for resolving Trade disputes – reg. 26-MAY-2016
SO-39-16 Amendment to Ch.IX of Customs Act, 1962 – Insertion of Section 58A – Clarification regarding transitional provisions relating to Duty Free Shops/Ship stores/Airline Stores/Diplomatic Stores-Reg. 24-MAY-2016
SO-38-16 Allotment of Warehouse Code for Customs Bonded Warehouse-Reg. 24-MAY-2016
SO-37-16 Timely cancellation of bond executed with Customs in advance authorization cases- reg. 23-MAY-2016
SO-36-16 STANDING ORDER No. 36 /2016 19-MAY-2016
SO-35-16 Insistence on documents of registration where not required- 17-MAY-2016
SO-34-16 Amendment to Ch IX of the Customs Act, 1962 – Bond required to be filed under section 59 – Reg. 17-MAY-2016
SO-33-16 Amendment to Ch IX of the Customs Act, 1962 – Removal of goods from a customs station – Instructions regarding affixation of one-time-lock – Reg 17-MAY-2016
SO-32-16 Prevention of use of non-genuine transferable duty credit scrips or DFIA (duty free import authorizations) 29-April-2016
SO-31-16 Creation of “Central Revenue Recovery Cell” (Centralised RRC) at JNCH – regarding. 27-April-2016
SO-30-16 Clarification on benefit of MEIS on exports of Tamarind Kernel Powder under ITC (HS) Code 1302 32 90. 29-April-2016
SO-29-16 Simplification of Procedure to be followed in case of registration of duty credit scrips issued under Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS)and Service Exports from India Scheme (SEIS)- reg. 11-April-2016
SN-28-16 Work Allocation -reg. 01-April-2016
SN-27-16 Implementing Integrated Declaration under the Indian Customs Single Window- reg. 23-March-2016
SN-26-16 Manual debit of Advance Licence 17-March-2016
SN-25-16 Manual debit of EPCG License – reg. 17-March-2016
SN-24-16 Processing of documents for Port Clearance at JNCH–reg. 17-March-2016
SN-23-16 Non-updation of Customs Notification No.1/2016-Cus(CVD) dated 19.1.2016 – Levy of CVD on “Castings for Wind-operated electricity Generators – Reg.  17-March-2016
SN-22-16 Import of second hand waste tyres for recycling / recovery – testing of samples – reg. 11-March-2016
SN-21-16 Achieving the revenue target for financial year 2015-16 – Working of all the Groups, Docks and EDI section on all Saturdays till 31.03.2016- Reg. 03-March-2016
SN-20-16 Registration of Bank Guarantees in Bank Guarantee Cell – reg. 02-March-2016
SN-19-16 Procedure for investigation of related party import cases and other cases by the Special Valuation Branches – reg. 25-February-2016
SN-18-16 Change in ICES to stop referring Ex-Bond B/Es for NOC to  Participating Government Agencies (PGAs) – reg. 25-February-2016
SN-17-16 Raising of Query for Valuation – To be Specific – Reg. 16-February-2016
SN-16-16 Guidelines for officers working in the Export Assessment and Export Examination 15-February-2016
SN-15-16 Posting of dedicated staff for making entries of test reports received from CRCL-Reg.  12-February-2016
SN-14-16 Procedure for Back to Town (BTT) of Factory Stuffed Containers – modification thereof –reg.  12-February-2016
SN-13-16 Goods Registration timings for examination of export goods at Export Docks.  12-February-2016
SN-12-16 General guidelines for implementation of e-payment of refund-Reg.  11-February-2016
SN-11-16 Manual debit of Advance Licence- reg. 11-February-2016
SN-10-16 Enabling of option to avail CVD using Customs Notification (related to Coal & Muriate of potash) – reg. 05-February-2016
SN-09-16 Need to send Adjudication files to concerned Group after Adjudication, reg. 05-February-2016
SN-08-16 Monitoring of Bills of Entry pending for more than 48 hours at Group level – Reporting & Monitoring – reg. 08-February-2016
SN-07-16 Declaration of complete and correct description of Export Goods- reg 25-January-2016
SN-06-16 Transmission of transference copy of shipping bill in respect of export Consignment received from ICD/CFS outside JNCH streamlining of procedure-Compliance of Facility Notice No. 71/2010  –reg. 25-January-2016
SN-05-16 Non requirement of hard copy of E-form 13 at Port Gates for clearance of export containers –reg. 28-January-2016
SN-04-16 SUBJECT: Clarification on classification of Biodiesel under oleochemicals-reg. 13-January-2016
SN-03-16 Requirement of “NOC” with respect to shipping Bills for export consignments.
Attention of all officers and concerned staff is invited to the NOTICE No. DGCI/MISC/2015 (199) dated 11.12.2015 issued by Central Drugs Standards Control Organization (CDSCO), New Delhi.
SN-02-16 Attention of Steamer Agents, Importers, Exporters, Custom House Agents and all Trade Interests is invited to the Public Notice No 27/2007 dated 14.06.2015, regarding levy of Merchant Overtime (MOT) fees for rendering services by the Customs Officers beyond the normal working hours or at a place beyond the Customs Area, wherein it was decided that the Customs Officers posted at the particular CFS, who has to attend the job will be nominated by DC i/c of the concerned CFS through the Preventive Service Office. 07-January-2016
SN-01-16 Availing the facility of Access to website of Food Import Clearance System (FICS) by Docks Officers – Reg. 06-January-2016
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Latest Updates from RMS Facilitation Centre

  • Status at 14.45 13-April-2021

  • All Bills of Entry registered upto 14.45 13-April-2021 of AEO Importers have been attended.

  • All Bills of Entry registered up to 09.06 13-April-2021 of non-AEO Importers have been attended.