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Standing Orders For 2004
SO-58-04-CCO   Warehousing – Waiver of interest on the Customs duty – Delegation of powers to Chief Commissioners of Customs and Central Excise   31.12.2004  
SO-53-04   Maps with Jammu and Kashmir depicted as separate entity   31.12.2004  
SO-52-04   EGM Amendment   31.12.2004  
SO-51-04   Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import into India) Order, 2003 – withdrawal of import permit agricultural commodities listed is Schedule VII of the order   31.12.2004  
SO-50-04   Specified goods when imported under Bangkok Agreement   31.12.2004  
SO-49-04   Maintenance of Register   31.12.2004  
SO-47-04   Examination of Cargo imported for subsequent re-export   Dec 2004  
SO-46-04   Verification or Registration of Supplementary DEPB Scrips-licences issued in terms of DGFT Public Notice No. 67-04 dated 21.06.04   Dec 2004  
SO-45-04   Procedure to be followed in docks in those cases where 100% examination of Metallic Scrap is to be done in factory premises by Central Excise officers.   05.11.2004  
SO-44-04   Refund claim monitor by Central Refund Cell   14.10.2004  
SO-43-04   Assigning the monitoring number to the Orders-in-Original   15.09.2004  
SO-42-04   Alleged diversion of non-edible oils to edible products   15.09.2004  
SO-41-04   Valuation of various Stainless Steel flat products   25.08.2004  
SO-40-04   Implementation of Software Module for Transshipment of Cargo from Port to Another Port-ICDs-CDS   16.08.2004  
SO-39-04   Monthly Technical Report   13.08.2004  
SO-38-04   Amendments of shipping Bills   03.07.2004  
SO-37-04   Applicability of notification 158-95 Cus dated 14.11.95 vis-a-vis notification 94-96 Cus dated 16.12.96   08.04.2004  
SO-36-04   Automation of Transhipment of containerized cargo from one port to another port or ICD   09.07.2004  
SO-35-04   A number of changes in excise and customs have been made through notifications Nos. 6-04-Customs to 71-04-Customs, 23-04-CE to 36-CE, 11-04-CE (NT) to 13-04-CE (NT) all dated 9th July, 2004   09.07.2004  
SO-34-04   Directions of Honourable Supreme Court dated 14.10.2003 in W. P. No. 657-95 in case of Research Foundation for Science Technology and National Resource Policy Vs Union of India relating to import of hazardous waste.   03.06.2004  
SO-33-04   Restriction on transaction of business with Customs by unauthorized persons   02.06.2004  
SO-32-04   Attention is invited to the Standing Order No. 12-04   01.06.2004  
SO-31-04   Filing of Defective Appeals by the Department   25.05.2004  
SO-28-04   Working of the Export Commissionerate on 3rd and 4th May 2004   30.04.2004  
SO-17-04-CCO   Container Scanning-Amendment to Public Notice No.2-04-CCO-II dated 25th March, 2004   11.05.2004  
SO-29-04   Filing of Import Manifest before arrival of vessel and Registration of Shipping lines-Shipping Agents and Consol Agents   14.05.2004  
SO-27-04   Procedure to be followed in respect of closing of the IGMs after the introduction of the EDI System   20.04.2004  
SO-26-04   Import of Waste and Scrap Metal   21.04.2004  
SO-25-04   Synchronisation of data-base of an exporter operating under Drawback Scheme   29.03.2004  
SO-24-04   NIDB date quality and marking of outliers   06.04.2004  
SO-23-04   Supreme Court directions in Writ Petitions (Civil) No. 657 9f 1995 on Hazardous waste   07.04.2004  
SO-22-04   Processing of SAARC,SAPTA etc, SVB and Project Imports Bills of Entry under ICES Imports   30.03.2004  
SO-12-04-CCO   Scanning of Import and Export Containers passing through the Gateway Port at Nhava Sheva – JNPT and NSICT   25.03.2004  
SO-20-04   piecemeal queries on Bill of Entries-Shipping Bills by the field formations   22.03.2004  
SO-19-04   Restriction regarding import of agriculture and dairy products   18.03.2004  
SO-18-04   Admissibility of DEPB benefits in respect of supplies made by DTA Units to SEZ Units   Mar 2004  
SO-17-04   Export of plant and plant portion (crude drugs) their derivatives-extracts   22.03.2004  
SO-16-04   Processing of Shipping Bills under E.D.I.   18.03.2004  
SO-15-04   Import of Diabetic Mixed Fruit Jam   18.03.2004  
SO-14-04   Assessment of prime steel sheets-coils-plates-Tin plates etc instructions   27.02.2004  
SO-12-04   Regarding Plant Quarantine   25.02.2004  
SO-10-04   Attention of Exporters-CHAs-Shipping Agents and all other concerned   19.02.2004  
SO-09-04   ntry Inward date-IGM   13.02.2004  
SO-08-04   Green Channel facility   12.02.2004  
SO-07-04   Notice to All Staff   06.02.2004  
SO-06-04   Regarding liquidate backlog and old pendencies   09.02.2004  
SO-05-04   Entry Inward date-IGM   05.02.2004  
SO-04-04   Entry Inward date-IGM   13.02.2004  
SO-03-04   Notifications Regarding Tariff and non Tariff Area   08.01.2004  
SO-02-04   Collection of test samples and Deposition   06.01.2004  
SO-01-04   Filing of Import Manifest before arrival of the vessel or aircraft   08.01.2004  
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