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Standing Orders For 2006
SO-49-06   Testing of Supari (betelnut split or whole)   06.12.2006  
SO-48-06   Monitoring Coordination of Customs Valuation work and upgrading of Valuation trend of sensitive commodities.   04.11.2006  
SO-47-06   Collection and compilation of data on transfers (Imports and Exports) of Scheduled Chemicals of CWC   27.11.2006  
SO-46-06   Sanctioning drawback , verifying DEPB scrips or allowing any export benefit, the movement of shipping bill is to be verified   23.11.2006  
SO-45-06   Import of Boric Acid- requirement of registration and import permit from CIB and RC   Nov 2006  
SO-43-06   Export of HPS Groudnut Kernels, misdeclaration of classification Under ITC (VKGUY)   07.11.2006  
SO-42-06   Computation of Value Addition where some Materials are Supplied Free of Cost Determination of Drawback under Rule 6 or Rule 7 of Drawback Rules   26.10.2006  
SO-41-06   Verification of Duty free import authorization (DFIA) licences and monitoring of their Export obligation under the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2004-09   27.10.2006  
SO-40-06   mport of Boric Acid requirement of registration and import permit from CIB and RC   18.10.2006  
SO-39-06   Monitoring of Valuation trend of sensitive commodities   05.10.2006  
SO-38-06   Re-export of goods imported under Served from India Scheme (SFIS) and Vishesh Krishi and Gram Udyog Yojana (VKGUY)found defective or unfit for use   18.09.2006  
SO-37-06   Extension of warehousing Period   11.09.2006  
SO-36-06   security of passwords by ICES users   22.08.2006  
SO-34-06   Levy of special additional duty of customs (CVD) @ 4% under Duty Free Credit Entitlement (DFCE) Schemes   01.08.2006  
SO-33-06   Levy of special additional duty of customs (CVD) @ 4% under Duty Free Credit Entitlement (DFCE) Schemes   Aug 2006  
SO-32-06   Non-mention of crucial details in the shipping bills   01.08.2006  
SO-31-06   EGM-Filing.Before any amendment in EGM the manual EGM filed in MCD has to be verified.   31.07.2006  
SO-30-06   All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2006-07   25.07.2006  
SO-29-06   EGM filed in MCD but EP copies of such shipping bills   21.07.2006  
SO-28-06   EGM amendment   21.07.2006  
SO-25-06   DGFT prohibits export of many types of pulses for six months   30.06.2006  
SO-23-06   Refunds are sanctioned based upon Chartered Accountants certificates. No efforts   23.07.2006  
SO-21-06   Introduction of Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA) Scheme and Changes made in Existing Export Promotion Schemes   20.06.2006  
SO-20-06   Levy of special additional duty of customs (CVD) @ 4% under Export Promotion Scheme   13.06.2006  
SO-19-06   StRecalling the Bills of Entry under RMS   16.05.2006  
SO-17-06   Foreign Policy a new scheme -Duty Free Import Authorization- has been introduced   08.05.2006  
SO-16-06   Use of tamper proof bottle seals on containerized cargo for Export   Apr 2006  
SO-15-06   Conversion of foreign going vessels to coastal vessel- Customs duty collection of ship stores consumed during coastal run   Apr 2006  
SO-14-06   Movement of Less than Container Load (LCL) cargo from one CFS to another CFS   Apr 2006  
SO-13-06   Correspondence regarding expiry / renewal of Bank Guarantees   22.03.2006  
SO-12-06   Standing Order No 12Refund and unjust enrichment in cases of revenue deposit, captive-consumption, and provisional assessments   16.03.2006  
SO-11-06   Gateway Terminals India Private Limited, has been declared Custodian   Mar 2006  
SO-10-06   Gateway Terminals India Private Limited, has been declared Custodian   07.03.2006  
SO-09-06   Entry of unauthorized persons in the Custom House   01.03.2006  
SO-08-06   Risk Management Scheme has started for selected groups(2A,2B,6)   24.02.2006  
SO-07-06   Implementation of the Risk Management System (RMS) Imports   24.02.2006  
SO-06-06   Implementation of Risk Management System (RMS)   22.02.2006  
SO-05-06   Clarifications relating to DEPB Schemes   23.01.2006  
SO-04-06   Import of Air Conditioners and other Equipment which do not contain ODS gases   13.01.2006  
SO-03-06   DFRC licence for Deemed Export introduced under the EXIM policy 2004-2009   16.01.2006  
SO-02-06   Procedure for computerized Noting of Manual Bills of Entry under Local LAN   13.01.2006  
SO-01-06   EDI Security guidelines and creation of User-ID   05.01.2006  
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