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Standing Order 2020
SO-40-20 Amended to the Standing Order No. 16/2020 dated 16.06.2020– Reg. 02-Nov-2020
SO-39-20 Faceless Assessment – New provisions in ICES in terms of Board Circular 45/2020 dated 12.10.2020– regarding 26-Oct-2020
SO-38-20 Faceless Assessment - Enhancements and certain clarifications related to reports available to Assessing Officers (AOs and AC/DCs) in ICES - reg. 21-Oct-2020
SO-37-20 Faceless Assessment-Measures for timely assessment of Bills of Entry and clarification on defacement of physical documents- reg. 15-Oct-2020
SO-36-20 Enhancement in ICES and certain clarifications in respect of Faceless Assessment- reg. 15-Oct-2020
SO-35-20 Container Scanning Module - reg 15-Oct-2020
SO-34-20 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for drawl of samples and surveillance by BIS Officers at Ports of Entry- reg. 07-Oct-2020
SO-33-20 Standing Order 33/2020 23-Sep-2020
SO-32-20 Launch of e-Office in Nhava Sheva–II Commissionerate, JNCH – reg. 11-Sep-2020
SO-31-20 Turant Customs - All India roll-out of Faceless Assessment – regarding 14-Sep-2020
SO-30-20 All India roll-out of Faceless Assessment - reg 11-Sep-2020
SO-29-20 Launch of e-Office in Nhava Sheva–V Commissionerate, JNCH – reg. 11-Sep-2020
SO-28-20 Launch of e-Office in Nhava Sheva-General Commissionerate, JNCH - reg. 11-Sep-2020
SO-27-20 Designating Official email id for communicating with NS-I Commissionerate, Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, Nhava Sheva-reg. 10-Sep-2020
SO-26-20 Launch of e-Office in NS-I Commissionerate, Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, Nhava Sheva on 11.09.2020 - reg. 10-Sep-2020
SO-25-20 Guidelines regarding implementation of section 28DA of the Customs Act, 1962 and CAROTAR, 2020 in respect of Rules of Origin under Trade Agreements (FTA/PTA/CECA/CEPA) and verification of Certificates of Origin- reg 10-Sep-2020
SO-24-20 Launch of e-Office in Nhava Sheva–III Commissionerate, JNCH – reg. 09-Sep-2020
SO-23-20 Import by EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP without paymwnt of duty by following Rule 5 of Customs ( Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of duty ) Rules 2017-reg 01-Sep-2020
SO-22-20 Partial Modification in S.O 16/2019 dated 30. 07.2019 issued vide F.No S/5-Gen-45/2015-16/P &E JNCH Pt. IV and S.O No-15/2020 dated 09.06.2020 issued vide F.No.- S/43-142/2017-18 PSO JNCH/GEN - reg. 17-July-2020
SO-21-20 Launch of e-Office in the Chief Commissioner’s Office, Mumbai Customs Zone-II, JNCH, Nhava Sheva-regarding. 10-August-2020
SO-20-20 Implementation of Phase II of the Faceless Assessment - reg 03-August-2020
SO-19-20 Amended to the Standing Order No. 16/2020 dated 16.06.2020–reg 29-July-2020
SO-18-20 Setting up of the Turant Suvidha Kendra(TSK) for faceless assessment 14-July-2020
SO-17-20 Standard Operating Procedure for the Cancellation of Bond furnished for the Special Valuation Branch Investigation purpose -reg. 6-July-2020
SO-16-20 Standard Operating Procedure to deal with various cases/tasks in EDI Section of JNCH, Mumbai Zone-II –reg. 16-June-2020
SO-15-20 Sanctioned Strength of Superintendent of Customs (Preventive) in JNCH-reg. 09-June-2020
SO-14-20 Requirement of Veterinary Certificate for Import of Milk and Milk Products into India – reg. 22-May-2020
SO-13-20 Reconciliation of Export quantity/value under DGFT's one time exemption/approval/licence for export -General Standard Operating Procedure to prevent excess Export-reg. 12-May-2020
SO-12-20  (Superseded by Standing Order No 13/2020) 08-May-2020
SO-11-20 ICES Advisory 14/2019 dated 14.04.2020 on PDF copies of eOOC and eGatepass 15-Apr-2020
SO-10-20 Clearance of goods under India’s Trade Agreements without original Certificate of Origin 13-Apr-2020
SO-09-20 Procedure regarding clearance of containers from CFSs Gates after Out of Charge given by Proper Officers of Customs - reg. 4-april-2020
SO-08-20 Representations/Grievances from Government Servants on Service Matters – Reiteration of instructions of DOPT issued vide OM F. No.11013/08/2013-Estt. (A- III) Dated 31st August, 2015 16-Mar-2020
SO-06-20 Import of ‘Punnets’ as packing material for export of grapes. 05-Mar-2020
SO-05-20 Facility of Manual Out of Charge of import consignments due to technical glitch in issuance of AQ NOC. 27-Feb-2020
SO-03-20 Amendment in export policy of personal protection equipment /mask 21-Feb-2020
SO-02-20 Drawal of Samples for Testing by Textile Committee. 13-Jan-2020
SO-01-20 Judgement dated 06.12.2019 passed by Hon’ble Supreme Court in Civil Appeal No. 9237/2019 in the case of M/s Unicorn Industries v. Union of India. 13-Jan-2020
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Latest Updates from RMS Facilitation Centre

  • Status at 14.45 13-April-2021

  • All Bills of Entry registered upto 14.45 13-April-2021 of AEO Importers have been attended.

  • All Bills of Entry registered up to 09.06 13-April-2021 of non-AEO Importers have been attended.