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Standing Orders For 2010
SO-84-10   Bank Guarantees in cases of Notifications pertaining to Conditional re-exportation of imported goods   22.12.2010  
SO-83-10   Relating to Anti-Dumping Duty   21.12.2010  
SO-82-10   Installation of Electronic Token Display Machine at Scanning and the procedure to be followed therein   10.12.2010  
SO-81-10   Simplified procedure for registration of 100 percent EOU-EHTP-STPs for clearance of import goods   09.12.2010  
SO-80-10   Procedure for disposal of waste pertains to -MSC Chitra- collected and kept in shore of Navy Nagar   07.12.2010  
SO-79-10   Measures to streamline the processing of departmental litigation before the Courts and Tribunal   03.12.2010  
SO-78-10   Procedure to be followed by the Customs field formations in case of 4 percent CVD refund claims   01.12.2010  
SO-77-10   Procedure for clearance of beached containers   29.11.2010  
SO-76-10   Proper verification of EARCs issued by Ministry of Textile for export of cotton yarn   22.11.2010  
SO-75-10   Discharge of -MSC Chitra- Salvage Containers-Cargo at Belapur Port – Procedure to be followed for further clearance of the same.   26.11.2010  
SO-74-10   Submission of Monthly Technical Report (MTR) in the revised format from the CRC   15.11.2010  
SO-73-10   Board Circular No 11 dated June 3rd, 2010 in respect of determination value under section 14 of Customs Act,1962 in respect sale of goods.   15.11.2010  
SO-72-10   AMMENDMENT TO STANDING ORDER NO. 03-2010 DATED 21.05.2010   11.11.2010  
SO-71-10   Some livestock products are entering into the country through Mumbai Airport Seaports and ICDs of Western Region without the clearance or NOC of Animal Quarantine and Certification Service-WR, Navi Mumbai   12.11.2010  
SO-70-10   Import of Newsprint is restricted as per the provisions of Foreign Trade Policy   09.11.2010  
SO-69-10   Attention of all the officers concerned, is invited to Office Memorandum dated 11.05.2010 issued by Ministry of Environment and Forest-MOEF   10.11.2010  
SO-68-10   Furnishing packing details as part of description of goods while exporting Edible Oil in Branded Consumer Packs of upto 5 Kgs   03.11.2010  
SO-67-10   The following sections of this Customs House will be working on the coming Saturday 30.10.2010   28.10.2010  
SO-66-10   Examination in the presence of Superintendent and AC or DC – Export – Instructions   27.10.2010  
SO-65-10   Export of Sugar against Advance Authorizations issued from 17.02.2009 to 30.09.2009   21.10.2010  
SO-64-10   Measures for expeditious disposal of unclaimed-uncleared goods – Instructions   15.10.2010  
SO-63-10   Revenue realization for the Financial Year 2010-11 in Meeting with Honourable Finance Minister   11.10.2010  
SO-61-10   Allocation of Additional Charges of officers   14.10.2010  
SO-60-10   Procedure for drawal of sample of food items   14.10.2010  
SO-59-10   The goods imported under ATA Carnet are exempted from payment of duty   08.10.2010  
SO-58-10   Containers under CSD hold and forwarded for examination by DC-Docks   05.10.2010  
SO-57-10   Rotation Policy for Group-D Officers of JNCH   01.10.2010  
SO-56-10   Procedure for drawal of sample of food items   30.09.2010  
SO-55-10   Procedure for drawal of sample of food items   04.10.2010  
SO-54-10   Extension of ACP Programme to Export House-Trading Houses   22.09.2010  
SO-53-10   Signing of correspondence with proper Name and Designation by departmental officers as well as by Importer-Exporter-CHA-trade member   14.09.2010  
SO-52-10   Refund of Cash Security Deposit paid for registration of contract under Project Import Regulations 1986   08.09.2010  
SO-51-10   Sections of this Custom House will be working on 10.09.2010 Friday instead of 11.09.2010 Saturday   08.09.2010  
SO-50-10   Sections of this Custom House will be working on 10.09.2010 Friday   08.09.2010  
SO-48-10   Maintenance of Goods Registration Register and Discrepancy Register-Instructions   01.09.2010  
SO-47-10   Instructions for maintaining records in respect of bills of entry filed manually   30.08.2010  
SO-46-10   Import of goods under Notification No. 13/2010-Customs dated 19.02.2010 for Commonwealth Games 2010   25.08.2010  
SO-45-10   Creation of Valuation Research and Analysis Wing (VRAW)   20.08.2010  
SO-44-10   Refund of 4 percent Additional Duty of Customs -CVD-in pursuance of Notification No.102-2007-Customs dated 14.9.2007-Special Drive for clearance of pending 4 percent SAD refund claims   25.08.2010  
SO-43-10   Storage procedures to be followed by MSC Agency, Hind CFS and GTI for the cargo salvaged from MSC Chitra, which has collided with Khaleeja III on 07.08.2010   13.08.2010  
SO-40-10   Feeding of Examination report in EDI at the Import Docks   28.07.2010  
SO-39-10   Import of Cosmetics under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rules made thereunder   14.07.2010  
SO-38-10   Amendment to Standing Order No. 25-2010 dated 23.04.10-Nominating the new Nodal Officer   19.07.2010  
SO-37-10   The following sections of this Custom House will be working on 10.07.2010   09.07.2010  
SO-36-10   Arrangement for holding additional charge when officers are on leave.   08.07.2010  
SO-35-10   Some sections of this Custom House will be working on the coming 2nd Saturday on 10.07.2010   08.07.2010  
SO-34-10   Classification of Artware-Handicraft items and composite goods in the Drawback Schedule   02.07.2010  
SO-33-10   Procedure for generation of check list in respect of Credit Scrip issued under various Schemes   16.06.2010  
SO-32-10   Filling of appeal to CESTAT   20.05.2010  
SO-31-10   AMMENDMENT TO STANDING ORDER NO. 38-2009 DTD. 01.09.2009   21.05.2010  
SO-30-10   Streamlining the procedure for refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs in pursuance of Notification No. 102-2007-Customs dated 14.9.2007   12.05.2010  
SO-29-10   Procedure for verification of Credit Scrip issued under various Schemes   11.05.2010  
SO-28-10   Amendment To Standing Order No. 08-2010 Dt 01.02.2010 related to procedure to be followed in case of EPCG Scheme   06.05.2010  
SO-27-10   Integration of CSD Module with EDI   04.05.2010  
SO-26-10   Discontinuation of practice of obtaining NOC in each individual case from various Groups-Sections before payment of refund-drawback   30.04.2010  
SO-25-10   Revamping and updation of the CBEC Website   23.04.2010  
SO-24-10   Observance of Drawback Clearance Months from 17th April to 16th June 2010   16.04.2010  
SO-23-10   Classification of Artware – Handicraft items and composite goods in the Drawback schedule   12.04.2010  
SO-22-10   Guidelines for Assessment and Examination of goods on weighment basis under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962   16.04.2010  
SO-21-10   Streamlining the procedure of re-assessment   01.04.2010  
SO-20-10   Revamping and updation of the CBEC website   30.03.2010  
SO-19-10   Toning up Administration from Vigilance Angle-Maintenance of Personal Cash Register   25.03.2010  
SO-18-10   Consignment accompanied with solid wood packaging materials (SWPM)   24.03.2010  
SO-17-10   ADDENDUM TO STANDING ORDER NO.40-2008   22.03.2010  
SO-16-10   Import of Plastic Waste and Scrap.   19.03.2010  
SO-15-10   Sections of this Custom House will be working on all ensuing Saturdays Sundays and other closed holidays.   09.03.2010  
SO-14-10   Assignment of work to AC and DC posted in Docks-Groups   02.03.2010  
SO-13-10   Change in the shift timings for Customs Examination-Stuffing Work at Export Docks-CFSs   24.02.2010  
SO-12-10   Boards Circular No.14-2009-Customs dated 06.05.2009   22.02.2010  
SO-11-10   Introduction of new facility for payment of refund amount directly to Importers Bank Accounts instead of by way of issuing of cheques   16.02.2010  
SO-10-10   Disposal of seized, confiscated and time expired bonded goods   15.02.2010  
SO-09-10   Present practice at JNCH for clearance of the RMS facilitated Bills of Entry   09.02.2010  
SO-08-10   Procedure to be followed in case of EPC Scheme   01.02.2010  
SO-07-10   Appointment of Nodal Officer to handle the work related to CPGRAM.   04.02.2010  
SO-06-10   Partial modification of Standing Order No. 59-2009 dated 14.12.2009   05.02.2010  
SO-05-10   Clearance of Class-1 (Explosives) cargo container on priority basis.   02.02.2010  
SO-04-10   Non-Compliance by trade of Querry Memo, Consultative Letter, Advisory Memo, Less Charge Demand Notice issued by PCA   01.02.2010  
SO-03-10   Prior Sanction of Leave required.   20.01.2010  
SO-02-10   Guidelines for Valuation of Polymers and their Products, under the Provisions of the Customs Act, 1962   07.01.2010  
SO-01-10   Clearance of Baggage at Unaccompanied Baggage Centre, J.N. Custom House, Nhava Sheva- Working procedure   06.01.2010  
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