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Standing Orders For 2011
SO-77-11   Implementation of (RMS) for the Import under the Export Promotion Schemes such as VKGUY, FMS and FPS.   16.12.2011  
SO-76-11   Implementation of The Pneumatic Tyres and Tubes for Automotive Vehicles (Quality Control) Order 2009   16.12.2011  
SO-75-11   Exports under Duty Drawback Scheme   07.12.2011  
SO-74-11   Procedure to be followed in case of Registration of Duty Credit Scrips issued under Served from India Scheme Certificate (SFISC); Vishesh Krishi and Gram Udyog Yojana (VKGUY); Target Plus Scheme (TPS); Focus Market Scheme (FMS) and Focus Product Scheme (FPS)   23.11.2011  
SO-73-11   Re-Export of goods imported under reward schemes and DEPB-Re-credit of duty reg.   16.11.2011  
SO-72-11   All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2011-12 reg.   16.11.2011  
SO-70-11   Reports of illegal imports of pesticides by some traders reg.   25.10.2011  
SO-69-11   Departmental Instruction regarding online transmission of Duty Free Import Authorization between Customs and DGFT.   24.10.2011  
SO-68-11   All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2011-12- Reg.   26.09.2011  
SO-67-11   Import of Waste Paper reg.   16.09.2011  
SO-66-11   Compliance of DGFT Notification No.44 (RE-2000)/1997-2002 dt.24.11.2000- Labeling of goods prior to clearance-reg.   08.09.2011  
SO-65-11   Installation of Weigh Bridges by all CFSs in their premises and weighment of all Containers handled by them before clearance – reg   06.09.2011  
SO-63-11   Attention of all the Officers/Staff Members of Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House   12.08.2011  
SO-62-11   Implementation of ‘Self-Assessment’ in Customs reg.   05.08.2011  
SO-61-11   In the matter of import of Insecticides, Pesticides, fungicides, etc.   29.07.2011  
SO-60-11   Re-structuring of Centralized Refund Section at JNCH, Nhava Sheva – re-allocation of work   27.07.2011  
SO-59-11   Courier Imports and Exports-Electronic Declaration and Processing-Regulations, 2010   27.07.2011  
SO-58-11   Examination of Import cargo at the CFSs   25.07.2011  
SO-57-11   Procedure to be followed by the Customs field formations in case of 4 percent CVD refund claims.   21.07.2011  
SO-56-11   Issuance Manual cheque for drawback amount due to discrepancies in exporters account   18.07.2011  
SO-55-11   Matter of import of Insecticides, Pesticides, fungicides etc   07.07.2011  
SO-54-11   Consequent to transfers and postings of officers   05.07.2011  
SO-53-11   Intimation of decisions of Commissioner to the concerned parties in time   22.06.2011  
SO-52-11   Implementation of -Self-Assessment- in Customs   17.06.2011  
SO-51-11   Transfer and postings of Officers in the grade of Additional and Joint Commissioners of Customs.   17.06.2011  
SO-50-11   Norms prescribed for granting permission for Private Warehouses-Railway Yards stuffing of export goods   15.06.2011  
SO-49-11   Export of handicraft and artware items under Drawback Scheme   06.04.2011  
SO-48-11   Special Clearance drive to remove or correct EGM errors pending on account of migration from EDI 1.0 to EDI 1.5 version   03.06.2011  
SO-47-11   Streamlining the procedure for the destruction of goods   30.05.2011  
SO-46-11   Furnishing requisite information for CRA and prompt reply of Audit Memos   31.05.2011  
SO-45-11   Verification of Manufacturer Exporter status under EPCG scheme   01.06.2011  
SO-44-11   Observance of Drawback Clearance Months from 1st June, 2011 to 31st July, 2011   31.05.2011  
SO-43-11   Verification of Manufacturer Exporter status under EPCG scheme   16.05.2011  
SO-42-11   Provisional assessment of shipping bills where samples are drawn or where value is required to be determined under the Customs Valuation   13.05.2011  
SO-41-11   Verification of Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA)   13.05.2011  
SO-40-11   Compliance of DGFT Notification No.44 (RE-2000)-1997-2002 dt. 24.11.2000-Labeling of goods in bond prior to Ex-bond clearance   03.05.2011  
SO-39-11   Difficulties for filing of CGM in ICES 1.5 V   05.05.2011  
SO-38-11   Custom House will be working on the coming Saturday i.e. on 07th May 2011   06.05.2011  
SO-37-11   Execution of common bond for specified Export Promotion (EP) Scheme   05.05.2011  
SO-36-11   Monitoring of food import from Japan for radioactive Contamination   04.05.2011  
SO-35-11   Amendment to Standing Order No.7-2011 dated 04.02.2011 regarding Import of Insecticide fungicides and other chemicals   02.05.2011  
SO-34-11   Recommendations of PAC (3rd 4th and 6th Para of 15th Report of 15th Lok Sabha) for prompt and proper handling of Audit Paras   29.04.2011  
SO-33-11   Use of EGM Management Menu.   21.04.2011  
SO-32-11   No-objection Certificate(NOC) from Assistant Drug Controller (ADC) is required for the import of drugs-items capable of dual use.   21.04.2011  
SO-31-11   Standing Order No. 30-2011 dtd. 20.04.2011 – has been withdrawn.   20.04.2011  
SO-30-11   Pendency of Bills of Entry due to migration to ICES V 1.5   20.04.2011  
SO-29-11   This Custom House will be working on the coming Saturday i.e. on 16th April 2011   15.04.2011  
SO-28-11   Sections of this Custom House will remain open on 09.04.2011   08.04.2011  
SO-27-11   Bill of Entry audit under ICES 1.5 till introduction of RMS   01.04.2011  
SO-26-11   Implementation of ICES 1.5 Version at JNCH – Working on Holidays   31.03.2011  
SO-25-11   Transition to ICES 1.5 at JNCH – Procedure for examination and out of charge   29.03.2011  
SO-24-11   Procedure to be followed in Import Noting Section in view of implementation of ICES 1.5 Version at JNCH   29.03.2011  
SO-23-11   Filing of Manual Shipping Bills during migration from ICES 1.0 to 1.5   29.03.2011  
SO-22-11   Procedure regarding transfer-transshipment of cargo   28.03.2011  
SO-21-11   Action plan for expeditious disposal of unclaimed – uncleared goods   25.03.2011  
SO-20-11   Procedure regarding Transfer or Trans-shipment of cargo   16.03.2011  
SO-19-11   Filing of Bill of Entry in terms of Section 46 of the Custom Act 1962   16.03.2011  
SO-18-11   Re-export of vehicles temporarily imported duty free under Carnet procedure – Carnet-de passage   16.03.2011  
SO-17-11   Intellectual Property Rights – IPRs – Enforcement regime   10.03.2011  
SO-16-11   Procedure for verification of Credit Scrip issued under various Schemes   09.03.2011  
SO-15-11   Procedure to be followed by the Customs field formations   08.03.2011  
SO-14-11   Post Import Compliance under EPCG scheme   23.02.2011  
SO-13-11   Streamlining the procedure of processing of Drawback claims under section 74 of the Customs Act 1962   25.02.2011  
SO-12-11   Instructions on movement of containers and containerised cargo   22.02.2011  
SO-11-11   Revised procedure to streamline assessment of goods under notification No. 94-96 exported earlier under DEPB Scheme   22.02.2011  
SO-10-11   Provisional assessment of shipping bills where samples are drawn or where value is required to be determined under the Customs Valuation -Determination of Value of Export Goods- Rules 2007   12.02.2011  
SO-09-11   Procedure for Registration and Monitoring of DEEC-Advance Authorisation Scheme   10.02.2011  
SO-08-11   Sections of this Custom House will be working on all ensuing Saturdays till the end of March 2011   08.02.2011  
SO-07-11   Import of insecticides, fungicides and other chemicals notified under Section 3e of the Insecticides Act, 1968   04.02.2011  
SO-06-11   Procedure for drawal of samples and testing   19.01.2011  
SO-05-11   Prohibition on export of pulses including roasted gram upto 31.03.2011 by DGFT   18.01.2011  
SO-04-11   Amendment to Public Notice No. 100-2010 dated 07.10.2010 and Public Notice No. 23-2010 dated 26.02.2010 in respect of Procedure for granting Factory Stuffing Permission   03.01.2011  
SO-03-11   Proper verification of EARCs issued by Ministry of Textile for export of cotton yarn   03.01.2011  
SO-02-11   Reduction of Government litigations-providing monetary limits or filing appeals by the Department before CESTAT and High Courts   03.01.2011  
SO-01-11   Measures to streamline the Processing of Department litigations before the Courts and Tribunals   03.01.2011  

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