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Standing Orders For 2009
SO-47A-09   CORRIGENDUM/AMENDMENT TO S.O. NO.47/2009 DATED 30.9.2001.   Dec 2009  
SO-64-09   Streamlining procedures for disposal of confiscated -seized-time- expired bond goods.   23.12.2009  
SO-63-09   Streamlining procedures for disposal of unclaimed-uncleared goods under Section 48 of the Customs Act 1962   23.12.2009  
SO-62-09   Assessment-Examination of Prime Steel including Stainless Steel Sheets-Coils-Plates-Tin Plates etc. Instructions   21.12.2009  
SO-61-09   Asessment practice followed while loading the declared value of the imported goods or revising the declared classification including the details of the notification if any   16.12.2009  
SO-60-09   Monitoring the feeding of stuffing report to avoid QNC errors   14.12.2009  
SO-59-09   Details of additional charges   14.12.2009  
SO-58-09   Procedure for registration of 100 percent EOUs   30.11.2009  
SO-57-09   The procedure for re-construction of Export Promotion   26.11.2009  
SO-56-09   Verification of Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA) and monitoring of their Export obligation under the Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14   17.11.2009  
SO-55-09   Procedure for inter CFS transfer of export goods where LEO has not been given   18.11.2009  
SO-54-09   Procedure to be followed in case of Registration of Duty Credit Script issued under Served from India Scheme Certificate   11.11.2009  
SO-53-09   Procedure to be followed in case of DEEC-Advance Authorisation Scheme   09.11.2009  
SO-52-09   Amendment in Import General Manifest – Bill of Entry   06.11.2009  
SO-51-09   Duty List of Scaleman   04.11.2009  
SO-50-09   Duty List of Scaleman   16.10.2009  
SO-49-09   Frauds resulting from failure to maintain password security   15.10.2009  
SO-48-09   Entry of factory stuffed (including self sealed) export containers   30.09.2009  
SO-47-09   Constitution of Rummaging amd Intelligence Cell   30.09.2009  
SO-46-09   Implementation of Risk Management System (RMS) in Imports   16.09.2009  
SO-45-09   Correlation of Technical Characteristics, Quality and specification of the Inputs with the Export Product under the DFIA Scheme   18.09.2009  
SO-44-09   Effective use of Export Commodities Database   11.09.2009  
SO-43-09   Powers of Adjudication of the Officers of Customs   09.09.2009  
SO-42-09   Powers of adjudication of the officers of Customs   10.09.2009  
SO-41-09   Refund of Special Additional Duty of Customs   09.09.2009  
SO-40-09   Drawback – Special Measures   24.08.2009  
SO-39-09   First time importers through JNCH verification of Documents   04.09.2009  
SO-38-09   Pre-audit of refund claims and assessments before finalization of Provisional Assessments in case of Project Imports   01.09.2009  
SO-37-09   First time merchant exporters verification of documents   01.09.2009  
SO-36-09   Post Clearance Audit of all Bills of Entry filed under High Seas Sales   20.08.2009  
SO-35-09   First time import of consumer goods verification of documents   19.08.2009  
SO-34-09   Seeking re-transmission of DEPB   21.07.2009  
SO-33-09   Disposal of refund claims of 4% ADC (SAD) in respect of goods assessed   16.07.2009  
SO-32-09   Departmental files are in proper custody   July 2009  
SO-31-09   The principle envisaged in the Citizens Charter   16.07.2009  
SO-30-09   Verification of debit details of DEPB licences by respective Group Appraisers assessing Bs-E   10.07.2009  
SO-29-09   Additional instructions on scanning of containers passing through gateway port Nhava Sheva- in partial modification to Facility Notice no.13-2008 dated 4th Feb, 2008   01.07.2009  
SO-28-09   Security of Password by ICE Users   25.06.2009  
SO-27-09   Implementation of Risk management system (RMS) for Imports under the Export Promotion Schemes   17.06.2009  
SO-26-09   Allocation of additional charge amongst Additional Commissioners in Import Commissionerate during absence on account of Casual leave or Official Tour   18.06.2009  
SO-25-09   Guidelines for Valuation of Polymers and their products, under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962   28.05.2009  
SO-24-09   Post Clearance Audit of all Bills of Entry filed under High Seas Sales   23.05.2009  
SO-23-09   Monitoring of Export Obligation and cancellation of bond   15.05.2009  
SO-22-09   Payment of Additional Excise Duty (AED) and Special Additional Excise Duty (SAED) on motor spirit and high speed diesel and National Calamity Contingent Duty (NCCD) on excisable goods exported from units located in Special Economic Zone (SEZ)   Apr,2009  
SO-21-09   Import of Waste Paper   12.05.2009  
SO-20-09   Declaration of non-standard units of measurement in the Bill of Entry and Shipping Bill, at the time of filing of B.E or S.B   05.05.2009  
SO-19-09   Implementation of Risk management system (RMS) for Imports under the Remaining Export Promotion Schemes   04.05.2009  
SO-18-09   Acceptance and Monitoring of Bonds and Bank Guarantees   24.04.2009  
SO-17-09   Procedure for drawal of samples and testing   21.04.2009  
SO-16-09   Role of updating of critical information on the JNCH web   16.04.2009  
SO-15-09   Role of updating of critical information on the JNCH website   13.04.2009  
SO-14-09   Display of identity cards on person while entering   03.04.2009  
SO-13-09   regarding processing of S/Bill in manual mode   02.04.2009  
SO-12-09   Guidelines for Valuation of Polymers and their Products, under the Provisions of the Customs Act, 1962.   31.03.2009  
SO-11-09   Monitoring of movement of Import cargo, through JNPT by the SEZ situated at various locations   31.03.2009  
SO-10-09   Implementation of Risk management system (RMS) for Imports   26.03.2009  
SO-08-09   Clarifications in respect of quantum of Bond and Bank Guarantee -BG – under Advance Authorization and Export Promotion Capital Goods schemes   17.02.2009  
SO-07-09   Examination of Import cargo at the CFSs   17.02.2009  
SO-06-09   Classification of footwear having uppers of a combination of leather and synthetic/textile material under Chapter 64 of the Drawback Schedule 2008-09   09.02.2009  
SO-05-09   Provisional Assessment of export cargo and finalization of provisional assessment   04.02.2009  
SO-04-09   Examination norms for goods exported under Reward Schemes   04.02.2009  
SO-03-09   Procedure for reconstruction of Export Promotion -E.P.- Copy Shipping bills   04.02.2009  
SO-02-09   Export of sugar- Re-introduction of the system of export release orders w.e.f. 01.01.2009 for export under OGL   04.02.2009  
SO-01-09   Procedure for refund/re-credit of DEPB in pursuance of Notification No.102/2007 Customs dated 14.09.2008   02.02.2009  
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