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Standing Order for 2018
SO-040-18 Advisory on Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) including eCigarettes Heat-Not-Burn devices, Vape, e-Sheesha, e-Nicotine Flavoured Hookah and the like products - regarding. 06-December-2018
SO-039-18 Implementing Electronic Sealing for containers by Exporters under self- sealing procedure. 24-October-2018
SO-038-18 Forwarding of Samples of testing to the Outside Laboratories - regarding. 17-October-2018
SO-037-18 Revocation of Alert on IEC to release drawback- Reg. 12-October-2018
SO-036-18 Revocation of the IGST and ROSL suspension after revocation of Drawback Alert against an IEC - reg. 04-October-2018
SO-035-18 Waiver of late charges due to delay in presentation of bills of entry on account of non-functionality of e-Sanchit on 1st & 3rd October 2018, under second proviso to sub-section (3) of Section 46 of the Customs Act, 1962 – reg. 04-October-2018
SO-034-18 Sub: Post Shipment Amendment in Shipping Bills - Instructions–reg. 19-Sep-2018
SO-033-18 Effective monitoring and implementation of Tarrif Notification and levy of duty short levied or not levied due to technical glitches in the ICES System. 06-Sep-2018
SO-032-18 Role and responsibilities of Out of Charge (OOC) officers - reg. 04-Sep-2018
SO-031-18 Dealing with references Received by JNCH From external intelligence agencies. 30-July-2018
SO-030-18 Processing of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) applications . 21-June-2018
SO-029-18 Standing Operating Procedure regarding Export Promotion (EP) Schemes Management & Monitoring Cell-reg. 10-July-2018
SO-028-18 Role and responsibilities of groups / assessing officer - reg. 06-July-2018
SO-027-18 Time limits for issuing Refund Order (CRC & SAD) afterpreparation of Order-In-Original & Disbursal of Cheque by Cash Section – reg.. 27-june-2018
SO-026-18 Centralised Review and Appeal Cell for Imports and Exports - Standard Operating Procedure. 28-june-2018
SO-025-18 Standard Operating Procedure regarding Export Promotion (EP) Schemes Management & Monitoring Cell –reg.. 27-june-2018
SO-024-18 Fortnightly report of Bills of Entry assessed provisional to final - reg. 26-june-2018
SO-023-18 Subject: Matter related to valuation of counterfeit goods for the purpose of IPR- reg. 26-june-2018
SO-021-18 Sub: Revised instruction for stuffing and sealing of reefer containers –reg. 15-june-2018
SO-020-18 Sub: Re-organization and consolidation of Human Resource Management at Jawaharlal Nehru Customs House (JNCH)-reg. 14-june-2018
SO-019-18 Sub: Standard Operating Procedure regarding Export Promotion (EP) Schemes Management & Monitoring Cell –reg. 11-june-2018
SO-018-18 Subject: Formation of “In-house Training Cell” in Mumbai Zone-II in line with National Training Policy 2012 (NTP) issued by the Department of Personnel and Training – reg 06-June-2018
SO-017-18 Standard Operating Procedure to deal with Cases in Centralised Legal Cell in JNCH, Mumbai Zone-II –reg.( Modified by Standing Order 04-2021) 08-May-2018
SO-016-18 Sub: Removal of roles in ICES on transfer/posting – reg. 08-May-2018
SO-015-18 Subject:-Procedure for putting any consignment/ container on hold by SIIB(I), SIIB(X) and CIU, JNCH –reg. 04-May-2018
SO-014-18 Subject:-Need to issue speaking order –regarding. 03-May-2018
SO-013-18 Subject: Procedure followed in Internal Audit Department-reg. 27-Apr-2018
SO-012-18 Procedure to be adopted for processing adjudication files consequent to amendment in Section 28 of the Customs Act,1962 prescribing time limit for adjudication – regarding. 25-Apr-2018
SO-011-18 Subject: Matters related to Advance Rulings- procedure to be followed in cases referred by the Customs Authority of Advance Rulings- reg. 18-Apr-2018
SO-010-18 SUB : Entry of Test Reports in CRCL Test Module –reg. 11-Apr-2018
SO-009-18 Subject: - Completion of Data Entry in DIGIT; Issuance of Show Cause Notices and Adjudication Orders through DIGIT, Instruction No. 5/2018 — Customs, dated 28th March 2018 [No. 391/40/2017-Cus(AS)] -Reg. 29-Mar-2018
SO-008-18 Subject: - Permission for drawal of samples from import consignments facilitated under RMS for testing by PGAs- regarding. 27-Mar-2018
SO-007-18 Subject: Submission of Paper Book containing all requisite documents for effective arguments to defend the case before CESTAT- regarding. 19-Mar-2018
SO-006-18 Subject:- Measures to expeditious clearance, proper assessment and reporting –reg. 09-Mar-2018
SO-005-18 Subject: In-house Legal Advisory Cell and Internal Resource Group- regarding. 12-Feb-2018
SO-004-18 Clarification regarding legislative changes relating to Customs Act, 1962 and issuance of Bill of Entry (Electronically Integrated Declaration) Amendment Regulations, 2017 – charges for late presentation of bill of entry –reg. 30-Jan-2018
SO-003-18 Sub: Closure of submission of Bills of Entry at the ICES 1.5 on account of Union Budget, 2018-19 – reg. 30-Jan-2018
SO-002-18 Subject: - Use of DIGIT by JNCH, Procedure to be Followed-Reg. 17-Jan-2018
SO-001-18 SUB : Delay of more than 20 days in presentation of Bill of Entry along with all requisite documents for assessment, registration, examination or out of charge - reg. 15-Jan-2018
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Latest Updates from RMS Facilitation Centre

  • Status at 14.45 13-April-2021

  • All Bills of Entry registered upto 14.45 13-April-2021 of AEO Importers have been attended.

  • All Bills of Entry registered up to 09.06 13-April-2021 of non-AEO Importers have been attended.