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Standing Orders For 2005
SO-60-05   Procedure to be followed for factory-stuffed containers exported through the Buffer Yard of JNP   30.12.2005  
SO-59-05   Open on all Saturdays from 01.01.2006 till 31.03.2006   30.12.2005  
SO-58-05   Collection of transshipment fee under the Baggage(Transit to Customs Stations) Regulations, 1967   23.12.2005  
SO-57-05   Eligibility of brand rate of duty drawback where inputs used in the manufacture of export products are imported availing of DEPB Clarification   27.12.2005  
SO-56-05   Clearance of imported metal scraps – Procedure   23.12.2005  
SO-55-05   Fall of Customs revenue collection in November, 2005   13.12.2005  
SO-54-05   The Risk Management System   13.12.2005  
SO-53-05   Prevent unauthorized access to official records and computer terminals   07.12.2005  
SO-52-05   Corrigendum to Standing Order No.37-2004   06.12.2005  
SO-51-05   EDI security guidelines and instructions   01.12.2005  
SO-50-05   Requests for issuing shipment-amendment certificates   01.12.2005  
SO-49-05   Set up a separate Tax Recovery Cell(Exports) (TRC(X))   25.11.2005  
SO-48-05   Regarding sale of goods on high seas for importation into India   24.11.2005  
SO-47-05   Custom House open on 19.11.2005 i.e. Saturday   17.11.2005  
SO-46-05   The monitoring number to the Order-in-Original passed by various Adjudicating Authorities   17.11.2005  
SO-45-05   Formation of valuation committee for the purpose of Valuation of confiscated   07.11.2005  
SO-44-05   Clearance of imports under DFRC Scheme   14.10.2005  
SO-43-05   Custom House open on 15.10.2005   14.10.2005  
SO-42-05   Right to Information Act,2005   13.09.2005  
SO-41-05   Monitoring of Export obligation under Export Promotion Schemes   09.09.2005  
SO-40-05   All the CFS will remain open on 10.09.2005   09.09.2005  
SO-39-05   Duty Credit Certificates under – Visesh Krishi Upaj Yojana   08.09.2005  
SO-38-05   Appraising Group VII of the Custom House, which deals with import under Export Promotion Schemes, will be shifted to the Export Commissionerate   05.09.2005  
SO-37-05   Re-export of Goods Imported under DFRC Scheme found Unfit for Consumption   05.09.2005  
SO-36-05   Seizure of goods entered for exportation on account of misdeclaration of quantity, value etc – Provisional release instructions   01.09.2005  
SO-35-05   Verification of CENVAT Certificate/Declaration for export Goods   07.09.2005  
SO-34-05   Custom House will remain open on 20.08.2005   17.08.2005  
SO-33-05   All the CFS will remain open on 13.08.2005   10.08.2005  
SO-32-05   Sale of imported goods on High Seas   10.08.2005  
SO-31-05   Directions of the Honourable High Court with regard to the Bank Guarantees issued   10.08.2005  
SO-30-05   Custom House will remain open on Saturday 06.08.2005   03.08.2005  
SO-29-05   Custom house will remain open on Saturday 30.07.2005   29.07.2005  
SO-28-05   Customs verification Module for EDI system Bank Realisation Certificate (BRC)-furnishing of details.   01.07.2005  
SO-27-05-CCO   Onida Savak Ltd., Nodia   13.06.2005  
SO-27-05   Request for inspection of shipments of paper waste under OGL   10.06.2005  
SO-26-05-CCO   Clearance of Green Channel containers directly from the ports   31.05.2005  
SO-25-05-CCO   No requirement of permission for palletisation   25.05.2005  
SO-25-05   Adherence to limitation in matters relating to filing of appeals and special leave petitons   13.05.2005  
SO-24-05-CCO   Amendment in Import Noting Section   26.05.2005  
SO-24-05   Bank Guarantees reflecting fill details regarding file number, Appraising Group no, description of goods etc   04.05.2005  
SO-23-05-CCO   Admissibility of all industry Rates of duty Drawback on Export Goods Manufactutred from out of inputs, some of which are Non-Duty paid   25.04.2005  
SO-23-05   All Industry Rate of Duty Drawback 2005-06   04.05.2005  
SO-22-05-CCO   Revised Norms for Execution of Bond and Bank Guarantee under Advance Licence and EPCG Scheme   25.04.2005  
SO-22-05   Procedure regarding destruction of High Frequency Wireless and Mobile sets including SOS signal device sticks obtained from ships during ship breaking operations.   18.04.2005  
SO-21-05-CCO   Fast Track Clearance Procedure   25.04.2005  
SO-21-05   Role and functions of Examining Officers posted   07.04.2005  
SO-20-05-CCO   Requirement of taking pripor permission by Government Servant of leaving Station-Headquarters.   06.04.2005  
SO-20-05   Implementation of the Central Excise (Amendment) Act, 2004 clarification   04.04.2005  
SO-19-05   Audit Procedure to be followed for Refund Claims   05.04.2005  
SO-18-05   FTCS clearance of Bills of Entry pertaining to 100% EOUs   31.03.2005  
SO-17-05   Facility for clearance of factory stuffed perishable goods   29.03.2005  
SO-15-05   Simplified procedure for Registratrion of Export Oriented Undertaking   22.03.2005  
SO-13-05   working of Custom House in holidays   10.03.2005  
SO-12-05   Reference on matters involving interpretation of statutory provisions or the policy provisions or the scope of notification to the Board   08.03.2005  
SO-11-05   Custom House will remain open on Tuesday, 8th March 2005 due to Budgetary changes   01.03.2005  
SO-09-05   Verification or Registration of Supplementary DEPB Scripts /licence issued in terms of DGFT PN 67/04 dt. 21.06.04   24.02.2005  
SO-08-05   Procedure to be followed for verification of DEPB Scrips containing shipping bills pertaining to two or more ports   24.02.2005  
SO-06-05   DFRC and DEEC Scheme non withdrawal of Sample and examination order   08.02.2005  
SO-05-05   Clarification on various Tariff Issues   17.02.2005  
SO-04-05   Import of livestock and livestock products   17.02.2005  
SO-03-05   Custom House will remain open on all Saturday   Jan 2005  
SO-01-05   JNCH Saturday working from 29.01.2005 till 31.03.2005   24.01.2005  
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