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Standing Orders For 2013
SO-19-13 Option to close cases of default in Export Obligation (EO) – Notification No. 46/2013-Customs dated 26.9.2013 16.12.2013
SO-18-13 Implementation of Risk Management System in Export-Reg. 13.12.2013
SO-17-13 Declaration of Details of inputs in the Shipping fills filed under Advance Authorisation / DFIA Scheme – reg. 13.11.2013
SO-16-13 Attention of all officers and staff working in JNCH is invited to CBEC Circular No. 26/2013 dated 19.07.2013 regarding compliance of Standard UQC. It is reiterated that the instructions contained in the said circular dated 19.07.2013 should be strictly complied with. 15.10.2013
SO-15-13 Attention of all the officers is drawn to the Standing Order No. 30/2008 dated 11.07.2008 issued from JNCH w.r.t. the subject captioned above. 1.10.2013
SO-14-13 Export of notified commodities – re-iteration of directions of S.O. No. 30/2008 dated 11.07.2008 – mandatory production of EIA Certificate – Reg. 10.09.2013
SO-12-13 From time to time, complaints regarding delay in assessment of Bs/E and examination & clearance of the import consignments are received. 6.09.2013
SO-11-13 A special drive to liquidate the pendency of provisional assessments on account of P.D. Bonds, Test Bonds, End use Bonds, etc., the finalisation / cancellation of which are pending for more than six months 16.08.2013
SO-10-13 Many instances have come to the notice, wherein the importers of commodities like Scrap, Ingots and other products have been cheated by their overseas supplier. 21.06.2013
SO-9-13 Attention of all concerned is invited to Office Memorandum F.No.12/31/2013-IR dated 11.2.2013 (enclosed herewith) regarding “Timely intimation about payment of additional fee under RTI Act, 2005. 13-06-2013
SO-8-13 Attention of all concerned is invited to Office Memorandum F.No.1/8/2012-IR dated 11.9.2012 and 03.04.2013 (enclosed herewith) regarding ‘Suo motu disclosure on all foreign and domestic official tours of Ministers and officials of the rank of Joint Secretary to the Government of India. 12-06-2013
SO-7-13 Attention of all officers and Staff working at JNCH is invited to the Public Notice 52/2009 dated 06.08.2009 regarding entry of factory stuffed (including self sealed) export containers into port terminals after LEO. 25-02-2013
SO-6-13 Implementation of Sevottam in the Export Commissionerate, Zone -II-reg. 21-02-2013
SO-5-13 Procedure for verification and registration of Scrips issued under Chapter 3 of FTP like Served from India Scheme Certificate (SFISC); Vishesh Krishi and Gram Udyog Yojana(VKGUY); Target Plus Scheme (TPS); Focus Market Scheme (FMS) and Focus Product Scheme (FPS) –reg 12-02-2013
SO-4-13 Special measures for liquidation of Drawback claims pending on account of Un-answered queries- reg. 18-01-2013
SO-3-13 Attention of all officers and Staff working at JNCH is invited to the Public Notice 52/2009… 10-01-2013
SO-2-13 Examination / Inspection of goods under import without Delivery Order–reg. 04-01-2013
SO-1-13 Measures for promoting cost efficiency of imports by Indian Trade and Industry- regarding. 03-01-2013
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